Sister accused of beating girl over Cheetos


Deby Mejia, 23, is charged with injury to a child and accused of severely whipping her 10-year-old sister and knocking the girl unconscious. Police say it was all because the child was caught snacking on a bag of Cheetos. According to court documents, the little girl went to a neighbor's house to buy those snacks while her sister was gone.

The child told investigators when her 23-year-old sister returned home she got 'real mad.' Police say the woman whipped the girl with an extension cord. Then grabbed her by the hair and banged her head on the floor, causing the girl to pass out.

"I've been knowing her for about six months," a neighbor said. "She seemed like a pretty nice person"

A neighbor upstairs didn't want to show his face or give his name, but told me the allegations against Mejia are shocking.

"I just can't believe she would do stuff like that," he said. "I'm telling you, she looks like a nice person."

Police say someone from the child's school noticed multiple bruises on the girl's body.

Investigators say Mejia told them she kicked the child while she was on the floor. They say the woman claims she resents the girl for being born and never loved her. They say Mejia told police she doesn't feel any remorse and doesn't think she did anything wrong.

Investigators say Mejia told them she was forced to take care of the girl six years ago when their mom was deported to Honduras. Mejia is now in jail on a $60,000 bond.

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