'Undie Run' held at University of Houston

November 7, 2012 12:42:54 PM PST
University of Houston students took off most of their clothing overnight to show some school spirit.

Last night, the U of H held its Undie Run. Students told us the race is a homecoming tradition.

It started at Moody Towers, which is the biggest dorm on campus, and ended at a park. Dozens of students showed up, some wearing shorts or pajama like clothing, while others got into the true spirit of the run, wearing just their undies despite the cold weather.

"Yes, we get cold and that's why we're bundled up," said student Courtney Jones. "But we don't care cause its school spirit. That's what we do every year."

When the students weren't running or posing for pictures, we found some doing little dances and one man even did an electric slide shuffle past our camera.