Tensions run high at Acres Homes polling location


Poll monitors tell us most of the confusion Tuesday has been with some voters just trying to find the right precinct. And coupled with Election Day excitement in Acres Homes, leaders with the local NAACP are now speaking out about a complaint targeting some of its own volunteers.

It's been a busy day for volunteers with groups like Election Protection and the NAACP manning phone lines and investigating complaints at polling centers across the city.

In Acres Homes, some voters have also been busy buzzing about a controversial complaint against the NAACP's Houston branch, accusing its volunteers of going too far helping early voters at the community's multi-service center last Friday.

"We consider it a badge of honor for somebody to complain about us helping seniors and handing out water at the polls. If that's the best they have, bring it," said Carroll Robinson, VP of NAACP Houston Branch.

Robinson is now blasting a group called "True the Vote" after one of its poll watchers filed a complaint against the local branch of the nation's oldest civil rights organization. That complaint alleges poll monitors dressed in NAACP t-shirts were in the building passing out water, stirring the crowd and moving some people to the front of the line.

"It's insulting for somebody to try to question the integrity of the NAACP, especially a group that was founded for the sole purpose of trying to intimidate and suppress the minority vote. The NAACP is ready and willing and able to take on this fight," said Robinson.

True the Vote is a Houston-based organization. Its website says part of its mission is to stop corruption at the polls. No one from that group has yet returned Eyewitness News calls for comment.

We did check with poll monitors from Election Protection, who told us in addition to these issues, the county attorney's office has been responsive in handling complaints across the greater Houston area about ID requirements and issues with training of staff at some polling sites.


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