Woman accused of DWI with two kids in vehicle on Halloween night


Ashley Anne Holubec, 29, of Rosharon, is charged with DWI with a child under 15 years of age. According to Friendswood police, at around 9pm on October 31 an officer was dispatched to a hit-and-run accident in the 900 block of S. Friendswood Drive. Police say Holubec was behind the victim's vehicle at a red light when Holubec tried to move over to the left turn lane and hit the victim's rear bumper.

The victim made contact with Holubec and asked her to move into a parking lot so that they could exchange information, but Friendswood police say Holubec fled the scene.

The victim followed Holubec as she attempted to make several u-turns and continued to follow to follow her as she turned into a residential neighborhood, according to police. When she turned back onto S. Friendswood Drive, a police officer was there to stop her. As the officer approached the vehicle, he says he noticed that there were two child passengers.

Friendswood police say Holubec exhibited signs of intoxication, including being unsteady on her feet and having the smell of alcohol on her breath. They say Holubec failed a field sobriety test and agreed to provide a blood specimen.

Her husband was contacted to pick up the two children.

Holubec is charged with a felony and her bond is set at $10,000.

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