Alleged copper thief suffers multiple burns


Fire investigators along with CenterPoint are looking through an old city building where they have found evidence that is consistent with a copper theft attempt.

HFD fire investigators say around 10:30pm, a man on a bike pulled to a Fire Station 7 on Elgin and Austin and told them there was a man who was badly burned near the street.

When firefightes arrived, they found a 62-year-old man lying on a sidewalk near a bus stop with critical injuries. They say even his clothing had burned off of his body.

He was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he was reportedly alive and alert.

Investigators are now looking for clues to determine what exactly happened.

"What happens now, we document the scene as well as we can and start canvassing the neighborhood and start talking to everyone we can find. We are looking for some sign of a fire that might have occurred in this area," said Byron Miller with the Houston Fire Department.

The man told investigators he was sleeping outside when he woke up and was in flames.

We are gathering more information and we will update you on Eyewitness News and as additional details become available.

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