After last minute preparations, officials ready for Election Day


There are 776 polling locations setting up for today's election. Over the weekend, precinct judges picked up materials to set up their respective voting stations. That includes those e-slate voting machines.

Here is what to bring to the polling locations. Legally you can bring just your voter registration card and no other form of ID is required. If you don't have that, a utility bill showing your address, a driver's license, or passport are all good options. As long as you are a registered voter when you reach your polling place, they'll have a list with your name on it.

Here are some things you should not do. Do not pull out your cell phone when you are casting your ballot. Texas is one of the states that prohibits the use of all recording devices inside of polling places, and phones count. So no text messaging with your friends from the booth.

Every year people show up to the wrong polling place, remember early voting is different from the general election. You have to go to your designated polling location. Even if you have not moved, your polling place may have changed.

The Harris County Clerk's Office is busy processing early voting memory cards and mail-in ballot envelopes, but those won't be unsealed or tallied until later today.

Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart said, "They will not be tabulated. There is no tabulation, no actual counting the vote until literally within 15 or 30 minutes before 7pm. Everybody is locked into central count. No actual results come out until 7pm."

The polls opened at 7am. The county clerk's office says 450,000 people are expected to vote today.

We've got information on where to find your polling location, sample ballots and information on the propositions and more in our Voter's Guide.

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