Suspect killed during SWAT standoff in west Houston


A Houston Police Department SWAT team was called to Ashford Pine near Ashford Park in west Houston around 1pm after police say an armed man got into a confrontation with officers.

Gunshots rang out shortly before 5pm. More than a dozen shots were fired toward officers.

Minutes later, a SWAT officer fired back, ending the four-hour standoff.

"This is very scary for me. I've never seen anything like this in our neighborhood," Veronica McConnell said. "This is a very quiet neighborhood."

Neighbors stood around for hours trying to figure out what happened.

Late in the evening, HPD spokesperson Victor Senties told us a neighbor called police after getting in a dispute with the suspect over a dog. When police arrived, he was already armed.

"He was armed with a shotgun and he also had a pistol," Senties said.

Officer J.R. D'Eugeino fired several shots at the suspect, but he ran back inside his house.

"To me it sounded like someone hit the fence," neighbor Jackie Sanders said. "It was 30 seconds after that I heard the police man shout, 'come out with your hands up.'"

It wasn't until hours later, when SWAT officers tried to go inside the home, that he responded by opening fire.

"At that point, one of the SWAT, seeing a laser pointed at officers, fearing safety, fired," Senties said. "The suspect was fatally struck."

The man's name has not been released.

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