Restaurant workers forced in freezer during robbery


Officers say the man held several employees of a McDonalds off Highway 6 and Piping Rock at gunpoint while he robbed the place.

It happened at around 3:30am at the restaurant, which is open 24 hours. According to Houston police, several employees were inside working when the armed man walked in the side entrance and held them at gunpoint.

The suspect ordered the manager to take him to the safe, as the employees were ordered at gunpoint into the freezer.

"We had a van pull up, according to the complainant, a van pulled up on the side over here," said Sgt Shawn Neal with the Houston Police Department. "One person got out and immediately took them to the freezer, put all three of the complainants in the freezer. On the way, they opened the safe."

The employees were in the freezer for about 15 minutes before police arrived to let them out. They were shaken up, but glad they had their cell phones to call for help.

The suspects got away. Police are now reviewing surveillance video from the restaurant to try to get a description of the suspect and getaway driver.

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