Two kids struck by SUV while trick-or-treating


The accident happened around 7pm in the 500 block of Saddle Rock. Eyewitnesses say it was still light outside, but the incident brought trick-or-treating at the intersection to an abrupt halt.

It was a frightening night for Iznarda Martinez, who was out trick-or-treating with her own children.

"When she hit the kids, the kids were scattered and one of them went across on this truck," Martinez said.

She says a young boy and girl tried to cross the street but were hit by a woman driving an SUV.

"I looked out the window and saw this kid on the road out there. He was just kinda turning himself round and round," witness Lawrence Dean said.

The girl flew onto Martinez's husband's truck, which was traveling in the opposite direction.

"So he stopped over here -- you can see the candy is over here -- so he stopped there, grabbed the little girl and brought her over here and we started calling the ambulance," Martinez said.

The boy was loaded onto a stretcher. The girl, who witnesses say is his sister, was transported with minor scratches. Martinez helped her until the ambulance got here.

"She was able to talk and she was getting up, but the 911 lady told me not to get her up, to lay her down on the grass, but she wanted to get up and she was crying," Martinez said.

Eyewitnesses told us two adults were with the children but walked far behind.

The woman in the truck stayed on the scene until police arrived. They performed at least one field sobriety test on her before towing her SUV and taking her in for further testing.

The speed limit on the street is 30, but police say they don't believe the woman was speeding.

Both young children are at the hospital.

The woman behind the wheel, Katherine Sanford, has been charged with driving with a suspended license and DWI. Court records show Sanford, 53, had a previous DWI and had just finished probation for the charge this April.

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