Tear gas used to end standoff in Crosby


It happened around 2:30am on Scuttle Way near Lanyard in Crosby. Deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office say they went to arrest a man for violating a court order. The man reportedly lives at his mother's house, where there was a confrontation outside.

Deputies used a Taser on him, but say it didn't subdue him and he ran inside.

Deputies followed and say the man claimed he had weapons inside. That's when they retreated to the outside perimeter and called in the SWAT team.

Deputies say the man didn't respond to commands over a loudspeaker, so they used tear gas. Eventually, the SWAT team was able to go in and make an arrest.

The man was taken out on stretcher after inhaling the gas and transported to the hospital with minor injuries sustained from the scuffle during the arrest.

"Deputies deployed a Taser," said Deputy Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff's Department. "At one point, the probe didn't take all the way so it didn't cycle completely and at that point, the suspect managed to break away and get back into a room and close the door."

Deputies have confirmed there were several guns inside the house. Charges are pending against the man.

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