County attorney closes down bikini bar Babes North, alleging it's a house of prostitution


Ryan filed suit October 8 against the so-called bikini bar called Babes North, located at 10610 FM 1960 West, claiming that it was a place where persons go for prostitution and drugs. He said the bar had over 30 calls for police service in the last 18 months including a number for violating Harris County's sexually oriented business regulations.

The owner of the shopping center says it has locked out Babes and is cooperating with authorities.

"Harris County recognizes the right of adult entertainment businesses to operate but they must do so in accordance with the law," County Attorney Ryan said. "When they repeatedly ignore the law and imperil the well-being of the community, the Office of the County Attorney will take action to force compliance."

Babes-North is the latest in a string of enterprises, Ryan says, that he has sued to force compliance with the law. The lawsuits typically are filed against businesses that engage in habitual criminal activity, such as prostitution, illegal drug sales, liquor violations, and the unlicensed operation of massage parlors.

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