Air show photographer at Wings Over Houston has unique vantage point


You could say Kevin Hong's office is 5,000 feet in the sky.

"I've always loved aviation and it has been a passion, ever since I was a little kid," said Hong.

He was just six years old when his father took him to his first air show and he never left his camera behind.

"I would get the film developed, and I would look at the airplanes for hours of the photos that I had taken," said Hong.

Years later, that childhood passion turned into a career.

"I'm one of the lucky people that go up in the air and get to fly next to these aerobatic performers," Hong said.

With a few straps and a safety harness, Hong sits at the edge of danger just feet from his subject.

On this day, he's capturing Oracle stunt pilot, Sean Tucker.

"I see nine and a half positive G's, seven and a half negative G's. The earth is spinning around and it's a blur," said Tucker.

He spins and dives over Galveston Bay. This bi-plane is the only one of its kind in the world, custom built just for him.

"This girl has control surfaces that allow me to deflect the air in very extreme ways and let me do model airplane style maneuvers," Tucker said.

Providing Hong with a bird's eye view.

"To have this air show performer come right next to you, and look at you, and you're looking right at him, and trying to capture that one perfect picture, it's incredible," said Hong.

A dream job being carried out in the clouds.

"It's what I've always wanted to do. And now I'm doing it. I'm flying with some of the best pilots in the world," Hong said.

You can catch stunt pilot Sean Tucker, the Blue Angels, and everything else with wings this weekend at the Wings Over Houston Air Show. Gates open at 8am on Saturday and Sunday at Ellington Field.

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