Meet Chloe Williams

Over 10 years later, I received a call stating that I was a match for a patient with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and did I want to donate. I was very excited, but felt skeptical because, I did not know how this would affect my family and I.

Being a nurse, I did some research on the options I had for donating. I decided that I would donate marrow under general anesthesia. I contacted the coordinator and the journey began. At the time during my journey I was seeking employment.

On the day after my surgery, I received a call from MD Anderson informing me that I received a new job and that I would work in the Stem Cell Transplant Unit.

Wow! What a blessing that I never imagined in a million years. Being a blessing to someone in need is the greatest feeling in the world. Being a donor was a journey that I will never forget, and would do it all over again.

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