Some Houston-area businesses already bringing out Christmas decorations


There is a lot of debate on how soon is too soon for holiday decorations. Houston's mayor has made her view clear. On Thursday, she called them stupid and irritating.

On this balmy afternoon, fall is in the air. The pumpkin patch at Saint Luke's United Methodist Church is buzzing with activity.

"We really feel a lot of support for the church when we just know everyone is out here buying pumpkins," 16-year-old Katie Thorn said.

At Halloween stores, ghosts, goblins and werewolves are ready to scare. And just a few miles away it's beginning to look a lot like ... Christmas?

"I think wait until Halloween," 14-year-old Edward Thorn said.

"It's a little early but I know it's around the corner," shopper Claudia Medina said.

At Highland Village, the bows and lights are aglow.

"I think it's a little soon but it's just to prepare our spirits to buy more," shopper Ingrid Furtado Garcia said.

Even Houston Mayor Annise Parker tweeted Thursday afternoon, "Argh! Just passed second shopping area already decorated for Christmas! It's not even Halloween yet! It's stupid and irritating!-a"

Is it too early? Some people haven't even picked their Halloween costume, let alone get ready for a Santa suit.

"I believe it did skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving," shopper Terrell Phearse said.

But if you're a retailer, the holiday season is always key in on those things

"It's never too early, it's never too early to drive your business," Marmi Shoes manager TJ Maierhofer said. "You need to get the Christmas stuff in there and get a jump on everyone else and keep people in happy spirits."

Back at Saint Luke's, the teens are focused on selling about 6,000 pumpkins for their choir trip.

"Let's get Halloween out of the way," Thorn said.

And then maybe they can think about their wish list.

Mayor Parker later sent out another tweet saying, "I enjoy Halloween. I celebrate Thanksgiving, sharing food/counting blessings. I love Christmas, the sacred & secular. 3 separate holidays!-a"

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