Action 13 helps get valuable papers found in foreclosed home back to their rightful owner


Often times those in foreclosure leave very quickly, and that was the case for a Port Arthur woman who mistakenly left behind life insurance policies, military records, and even savings bonds. Thanks to one man's efforts, those belongings are back in their proper place.

Manuel Medina cleans out foreclosed homes for a living.

"The stuff that is of value I usually take it and give to charity, other stuff goes basically out in the trash," he explained.

Occasionally Medina comes across personal information. During a recent job, he found much more.

Medina said, "Something fell out that caught my eye. I opened it up and it was stuff, various stuff about her Navy life. She was in the U.S. Navy."

The binder belongs to Prince Harris. It included life insurance policies, birth certificates, and savings bonds with a face value of nearly $2,000.

"I am sure they can use it, wherever they went," Medina said.

Medina says his search for Harris turned up no leads.

"So that's why I called you," he said.

We called the US Department of Veterans' Affairs and within an hour we got a call from Prince Harris. We then drove to Port Arthur to reunite her with the binder.

"Oh gee, I can't thank you enough," she said. "Can I give you a hug? Thank you, Jesus."

Harris says she left her former home in a hurry because her husband was very sick. Now Harris lives with her sister.

"I was down to my last dime," she said. "I honestly was. My sister just took me in."

Medina says he's just happy to help a fellow Navy vet.

"You went through that trouble for us, and I am thankful," Medina said.

"Thank you, I got to get another hug," Harris said. "Thank you! God is good. Oh thank you very much."

Medina wanted no reward for his actions. He is used to giving to others as a foster parent at Boys and Girls Harbor in La Porte.

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