Police investigating infant death in Rosenberg


On Wednesday afternoon, emergency crews were called to the Woodlawn Inn and Suites in the 4800 block of Avenue H when the child was found unconscious.

Rosenberg police are focusing their investigation on Room 117, where the four-month-old girl was last alive.

People arriving home from work couldn't believe what had happened.

"I was shocked, I was shocked," neighbor Carlos Medina said.

Earlier inside Room 117 at the Woodlawn Inn and Suites, there was panic. A 4-month-old baby girl had stopped breathing, and when Rosenberg police arrived and were able to see her, the room quickly became a crime scene.

"There were some outward injuries that were sustained to the child and the police department is currently investigating the reasons for those injuries and what happened," Rosenberg Police Department Lt. Colin Davidson said.

"So visible trauma on the baby's body?" we asked.

"I believe so, yes," he replied.

According to police, a babysitter had been watching the infant since this morning. Her two-year-old girl was also in the room. When the child stopped breathing, the babysitter ran next door for help. A neighbor desperately tried to revive her. He couldn't. The baby was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Her parents had rushed to her side.

For the next three hours, a crime scene investigator collected bags of evidence and police questioned both the babysitter and the baby's parents. For now, all are witnesses in this little girl's death.

"Just a sad situation, yes," Davidson said.

No one has been charged and police haven't identified the baby girl.

Counselors also questioning the babysitter's 2-year-old to see what, if anything, she can tell them.

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