Washington Ave. residents discuss parking issues at meeting

Residents along Washington Avenue will be meeting Wednesday night to discuss a new way to handle parking in that area

October 24, 2012 8:32:04 PM PDT
Washington Avenue corridor residents and business owners are mulling over a proposal to deal with major parking troubles in their area.

The city of Houston hosted a town hall meeting on a proposed parking benefit district for this area. Approving such a district would involve installing parking meters.

"The net revenue from those meters gets shared back with the community, allows the community to start developing its own needs, whether it's sidewalks or lighting or security," said Don Pagel with the city of Houston.

"It's great first step to bring a market solution to our parking problem," resident and business owner Monica Savino said.

One business owner told us he wants to know more about the plan which includes permit parking for residents who live near the corridor.