Cell phone store robbery caught on camera in SW Houston


Police say the crook opted to come in through the ceiling and they're hoping surveillance video from inside the store will help them track him down.

It happened at around 3:40am at the Cell Phone Wholesale store on Hillcroft and Windswept in southwest Houston. You won't notice any broken glass because the suspect, like Spider-Man, came in from the ceiling.

In the surveillance video, you see the suspect's feet dangling first, then he lowers himself onto the display case. He grabs all the phones that he can as you can see him running around the store, then he makes his way back up onto the glass countertop.

But as he tries to climb back up where he came from, but doesn't exactly make it, crashing down onto the glass and bringing part of the ceiling with him. He then gathers himself, grabs a chair and climbs his way back out of the store, taking with him a variety of Androids, iPhones, LG and Samsung phones.

"We're going to go through the invoices because normally we keep 70 or 80 phones in this showcase. They range from $30 or $40 to $300 or $400," said Rizwan Siddiqi, owner of Cell Phone Wholesale. "The whole showcase is empty, you see and in the back, too. This is the first time it's happened."

He says the suspect also got away with several cell phone accessories.

The suspect was in and out of the store in just four minutes.

Police say if anyone knows who this suspect is, you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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