Holiday travelers will pay more for flights


Sure we have not seen Halloween yet, but Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner and if you are planning to fly somewhere, or taking any type of vacation, you'd better book now.

Sam and Eileen Lo are planning to fly to Florida over the holidays, but they were not planning on how much it would cost.

Sam said, "I have noticed that the prices are almost double from this year from last year."

While the industry wide price hike is about four percent from a year ago, travel experts say there is no doubt the flying public will pay more this year.

Michelle Weller with Travel Leaders said, "We have really noticed a big increase in air fares this year. They went up all across the board."

Weller says the increase in airfare does not include any fees airlines have.

"A lot of people do not know that now they are withholding about 40 percent of seats until the 24 hour advance check in," Weller said. "So people are getting their seats and saying, 'Wait a minute, I am stuck in the middle,' They cannot change it unless they pay $69 a seat."

Weller says the best advice for those planning to head home for the holidays is book now, before the end of October.

She said, "Most people are booking really early to get the best deals."

Weller tells us her travel agency is seeing an uptick in another mode of travel for the holidays.

"About 60 percent more people are going on cruises instead of making the expense of the airfare," Weller said.

The Lo family is not taking a cruise, but instead hopes to bring their parents to Houston from Singapore after the holidays, but say the New Year is not offering airfare price relief.

"I just got two tickets for my parents to come in from Asia and it is double," Eileen said.

Right now flights during the holidays to New York from Houston and Los Angeles from Houston are averaging $400 to $450, but we saw fares for the busiest week already at $1,000 per round trip ticket.

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