Mom of innocent teen killed in crash during car chase in Baytown speaks out


A 16-year-old is dead and a 17-year-old is in the hospital in critical condition after a police chase ended in a crash at the intersection of Garth road and Rollingbrook.

Baytown police says the boys were not a part of the chase.

The mother of Shawn Williams says her faith in God is helping her through. And not once did she say a negative word, not even about the suspects that cause the wreck that killed her son.

"If I had been given parts to build a child, I could not have made a more perfect child than Shawn."

Plachette Williams says her faith has been giving her comfort since learning her son Shawn was killed in senseless wreck Friday night.

"He took care of me and that's all he would ever tell me was, 'Mama, I'm going to take care of you,'" she said.

Shawn and Shay Hollingshead, two innocent Baytown teenagers, were at the intersection when the car they were in was slammed into by a truck trying to outrun police officers. The teens' car burst into flames.

Witnesses tell us they did what they can to get the two young men out.

"Within the next couple of seconds, all I saw was this truck slam in the back of this little car and the car went rolling down the road in a ball of flames," witness David Olivier said.

Shawn, who was in the passenger seat, did not survive the wreck.

"I felt bad because we didn't know anybody was in the passenger seat. It was so bad, the car, that you didn't even see anybody in the passenger seat," Olivier said.

Hollingshead was transported to Memorial Hermann via LifeFlight in critical condition.

"To me, I hope to God he makes it cause he was in pretty bad shape, he wasn't moving at the time," Olivier said.

After the wreck, Baytown police say the two suspects jumped out of the truck and tried to run. They were caught after a short foot chase and taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

They have been identified as Jennifer Jenkins and Shannon Joe Chauncey.

"Hopefully they get what they deserve because I mean come on now, you took somebody's life," Olivier said.

Shawn's older sister, Tyler Williams says she has been experiencing every emotion since learning of her brother's tragic death, but like her mother, is leaning on her faith in God.

"If I can't lean on the physical things of the world, I can definitely go to God and pray and have that communication with my brother through him," she said.

Dozens of close friends of Shawn showed their support by starting a memorial, and as the day went on, it continued to grow.

Shawn's mother tell us it touching to know so many people cared for her son.

"It comforts me to know that outside of his sister and his brother and his dad that he was loved by so many people and he touched so many lives," she said.

Hollingshead's friends say he is expected to recover in time.

Meanwhile, the suspects are facing a number of charges, including evading arrest resulting in death and serious injury.

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