Teen struck by car in SW Houston reinforces residents' safety concerns


He was hit by a car near his home near Holcombe and Buffalo Speedway. Those who live in the area say it was just a matter of time before someone got hurt there.

Neighbors in this area say this intersection at Glen Haven and Sewanee has been a hotspot for speeding traffic.

The ground on Glen Haven is still stained with blood. It's blood, neighbors say, that was left after a car speeding through this area crashed into an autistic teenage boy.

"A car was coming down the street, fast as they usually do on this street, and hit him. And he fell and he was bleeding profusely," neighbor Shazia Khan said.

Neighbors say the unidentified and seriously injured teen was on his regular run through Braeswood Heights when the accident happened. Those who heard the impact rushed to his aid until paramedics arrived.

"Traffic here is so fast, it was just a matter of time. I mean our neighbor's dog was hit, and we kept saying somebody is going to get hurt and sure enough this kid that was jogging tonight got hit by a speeding car," Khan said.

Now many neighbors are upset. They say traffic coming through this street from Buffalo Speedway has been a problem for a while.

"It's very common and it's very serious, and it has me very concerned," neighbor Edith Sax said.

One side of Glen Haven does have road humps to help slow traffic, but not near the intersection where the teen was injured.

These neighbors say they'll be complaining to the city before another child gets hurt.

"There needs to be a resolution immediately. There needs to be a four-way stop sign at this intersection tomorrow, and if the city doesn't do it, then they are negligent," Sax said.

Firefighters say they rushed the teen to Memorial Hermann Hospital. They say he had contusions to his head but appeared to be alert.

As for the driver, neighbors say he seemed visibly shaken by the accident. There's no word yet on whether he will face any charges.

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