Mom accused of telling daughter to fight faces judge, says full story isn't being told


Kimberly Holleman appeared before a judge Thursday morning. She is charged with injury to a child.

According to prosecutors, Holleman drove her daughter to another 13-year-old's home on Saturday and told her to fight the other girl.

She says her daughter was attacked first at their home, and she went to the other home to confront the parents.

"It had nothing to do my daughter at the begining, it had to do with her best friend. They were bullying her and my daughter walked out there with her friend. The girl hit my daughter first at my house, then whenever they started fighting, her boyfriend grabbed her by the throat and hit her. And then I went over there to try to talk to a parent," Holleman told Eyewitness News.

The judge ordered Holleman to stay away from the alleged victim and her family while she is out on bond.

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