Man accused of raping friend after night out of drinking at bar


These two people knew each other. And while they weren't dating, they had met for drinks before. She trusted him until she woke up in the middle of a nightmare.

The night started out with drinks between friends, 41-year-old Asif Aejaz and a woman. They had met for drinks before but were not dating. But the night became a blur, and police say she awoke in the middle of a sexual assault.

It's alarming for other women to hear.

"I think it's scary, it's terrifying to think that you can put yourself in a place where you feel comfortable, you meet in a public place," one woman told us.

It happened back in May. They left one bar and sat down at another near Willowbrook Mall. The woman told investigators "she began to feel funny." After going to the restroom, she told deputies she "cannot remember anything else until she woke in naked in the bed" while the sexual assault was taking place.

At that point, "she struggles with him to get him off of her causing both of them to fall to the floor."

She eventually got dressed, walked outside the home and called police.

Frida Villalobos with the Houston Area Women's Center say it's the most under reported crime, with 70 percent of cases staying silent. But at least one brave woman wouldn't stand for it.

"It's really difficult for them to come forward and think I'm sharing my story, what does this mean? How hard is it to have to go to the hospital, talk to police and possibly even have to go to trial?" Villalobos said.

We tried the home of Aejaz but no one would come to the door. He was arrested and charged with sexual assault and improper photography after police found nude photos of the victim as she appeared unconscious.

The victim also tells investigators she believes Aejaz gave her some type of drug that night.

It's a wake up call for other women.

"It adds something to be worried about in my mind," one woman said.

The Houston Area Women's Center say 53 percent of date rapes involve drugs or alcohol.

As for Aejaz, he's out on bond awaiting his next court date.

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