Vehicle break-ins plaguing residents at one apartment complex


We've counted at least eight people who've had their vehicle hit at the Madison Park Apartments since last weekend. Not everyone has reported their case to HPD. Police call this a "rash" of thefts, which they are now investigating.

Shattered glass marks the spot inside the Madison Park apartment complex where someone broke into Tony Peoples' vehicle Monday night.

"It's crazy. It's senseless," Peoples said.

In the very spot next to his vehicle, his neighbor's SUV was left up on bricks. It's tires and rims were gone.

"You don't have any sense of security," Peoples said.

Houston police say since Saturday they've received five calls of burglarized vehicles. Items stolen include tires and rims, stereo equipment, a purse and laptop.

Clarence Sexton says he heard some of the commotion just Monday night.

"They's goin' crazy man. I didn't want to walk outside because I didn't want anyone to get hurt," Sexton said.

Those who live here say they have complained repeatedly to property managers, asking for more security. They say the gates are usually open, security cameras don't work and those patrolling the property aren't around often enough.

"I don't understand. You ask somebody to do something about it, they didn't want to respond," Sexton said.

We put our exclusive Eyewitness News Crime Tracker to work and discovered telling numbers for the area. Comparing 2011 to 2012 through July, 292 versus 231 vehicle break-ins were reported. That's a decrease of 21 percent.

But that doesn't make those victim's finding this in the parking lot any less upset. Some of those who live here say they just want to feel safe when they come home.

"We keep calling them but they ain't doin' nothing about it," Sexton said.

We asked the representatives at the Madison Park apartment complex if it would respond to resident concerns. So far we have not received a reply.

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