HCSO: Body found in garbage bag


When investigators got to the scene, they did indeed find a trash bag with human bones inside. However there are very few other clues to go on.

The bag was found along a gravel driveway in a rural area that has recently been cleared of brush. Investigators combed the area looking for clues. But right now they would like to speak to the person who first called in about the human remains in the bag.

Felipe Rivera with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said, "We're trying to track the source down that called it in. They got a call. Apparently someone came out here and discovered it. So we're trying to get to that person and see how they came about it."

The area where the bag was found is a bit remote, with no homes nearby. So it's not known how long the bag may have been there unnoticed.

The bag has been picked up by the Harris County Medical Examiner's Office. Officials hope that DNA testing can help identify the victim.

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