At least two killed in fiery NW Harris County crash


Emergency crews were called to North Sam Houston Parkway West and Highway 249 around 8:30pm.

Deputies confirm at least two people died in what appears to be a one-car accident.

According to witnesses, three people were in the now-crumpled sedan. There were witnesses who say a baby was in the back of the vehicle, though that's not yet been confirmed.

Witnesses tell us they saw a car weaving back and forth on the feeder road to Beltway 8. They believe the man and woman inside the car were having an argument.

Suddenly, they saw the car jump a curb and crash head-on into a pillar.

They say the car looked like a pancake folded in half. The people were trapped inside.

"It hit the pillar sideways and my brother stopped his car and jumped out and he pushed it over and he was trying to help them get out but you couldn't open the doors or nothing like that, so we couldn't do anything but call 911 and let them do their jobs," witness Percy Hines told us.

Hines also said the car was on fire.

We will update you further as we get more information on this story.

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