Detectives: Brother shoots sister, then kills himself


The gunfire started Thursday night just west of Huntsville, and deputies are working to determine how it all happened.

It was around 9pm when gunshots rang out inside the rural Walker County home. Investigators would soon confirm it was a 10-year-old boy who shot his 15-year-old sister.

"Walked into the 15-year-old's room and discharged the weapon multiple times in the direction of the sister," said Detective Greg Williams with the Walker County Sheriff's Office. "The 10-year-old then turned the weapon on himself, discharging the weapon into himself fatally."

The siblings were rushed via Life Flight to Houston. The boy didn't survive.

In the daylight family and friends could be seen grieving at the home, while those who grew up with the children are shocked.

"Anybody with a child doesn't want that to happen," said neighbor Andrew Thompson. "What else can you say?"

The 15-year-old is in critical condition. Investigators say the gun used was in a safe at the home.

"The parents did have the guns locked up, and he somehow was able to obtain the code to that safe," Det. Williams said.

The children's mother was also home when the shots rang out.

Det. Williams said, "Once she heard the shots, she responded. Upon seeing what happened, she called 911."

Investigators don't know what argument prompted the 10-year-old to shoot his sister.

The news is just beginning to filter through Huntsville Intermediate School, where the boy was a student, and Huntsville High School, where the sister is a freshman.

"We've met with our principals on the two campuses that had the children and informed them that we have counseling staff on hand," said Huntsville ISD Superintendent Steve Johnson.

Deputies say girl has undergone surgery, and they have not yet been able to interview her.

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