Man's pet hog deer on loose in Bellaire area after escaping from home


People there spot wildlife from time to time, but this missing animal is actually someone's pet and it's a little different than what we're typically used to.

The sightings have been along the 6700 block of the East Service Road in Bellaire.

"It's not the kind you see in Texas at all," Dr. Joseph Agris said.

That's blocks from home and the sanctuary Agris owns.

"I'm upset because it's never been outside an enclosed area. It grew up in an enclosed area," Agris said.

The hog deer in his backyard are minus one of their own. Men were working in his backyard when a male jumped a 16-foot fence.

Agris isn't sure if the lost deer is just going rogue or maybe he felt a call to duty.

"Maybe he's out there for Santa; it's Christmas in another month, he's checking things out," he said.

"We get a lot of calls for wildlife, usually not deer though," Bellaire Police Department Chief Byron Holloway said.

Bellaire police have tried to capture it.

"While your police department may be fast, can you catch this deer?" we asked Holloway.

"Well the deer can outrun most of our officers. We only have one marathon officer here and he's a bailiff in the courts," he said.

The missing pet looks much different than the deer we are used to seeing here in Texas.

"They're pet quality, and they're not much bigger than a big dog," Agris said.

It's native to Central and South America, but Dr. Agris hopes he can just get this one back to his Bellaire home.

"Now it's up to the public to tell us if they see it," Agris said.

Dr. Agris has talked with Lone Star Animal Recovery. If you believe you see his deer, you can call the company for this situation at 713-628-3989. They say don't approach it, as you might scare it off.

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