Student wounded by pellet gun in school cafeteria


This all happened Monday in the school cafeteria during lunch. The shooter apparently didn't hit his intended target, but instead struck a sophomore basketball player.

"If it was closer to my eye, I would've been blind or closer to my temple, I would've been paralyzed," said victim Mansour Attayi. "So I got pretty lucky."

Mansour is back at school after a terrifying start to the week.

"I rubbed my face and there was blood coming down my face, on my shorts and on the floor," he recalled.

On Monday Mansour and his friends were sitting in the crowded lunch room when another student shot a pellet gun into the crowd. It turns out Mansour wasn't his intended target.

"He said it was an accident, he meant to shoot someone else," Mansour said. "(He intended to shoot) one of our APs, Mr. Huseman. (He wanted to shoot a teacher) and instead I was in the way."

According to Cy-Fair ISD's code of conduct, "possession of any device that has the appearance of a prohibited firearm, knife, club or weapon" is a level three offense, meaning the shooter would be suspended or moved to an alternative learning program. While the district won't confirm the disciplinary action against the shooter, Mansour's mother is frightened.

"Scared for my son to go back to the school," Sepideh Attayi said.

Mansour's mom wants the shooter off of Cy-Creek's campus.

"For the safety of the other children and the teachers and everybody in school," she said.

Mansour's parents haven't pressed charges at this time, but according to our legal analyst the action described both by the family and the school district fits the legal definition of an assault.

A spokesperson for Cy-Fair ISD told me that a pellet gun is not on the district's list of prohibited weapons that students are banned from bringing to school.

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