Pregnant mother accused in two of her children's deaths


Police says one infant was killed last year and the other was killed this year. Authorities say the mom admitted to throwing the babies and banging their heads. Now the accused mom, who is pregnant again, is charged with murder. Her parents say she didn't do it.

Walker's mother, Carol Shelton, said, "I know she wouldn't have done that."

Shelton says she refuses to believe what her daughter is being accused of doing to two of her infant grandsons. But according to Angleton police, Kristi-An Walker, 20, admitted to beating and killing her four-month-old son in April 2011 and six-month-old baby son in July 2012.

Sgt. Kirk Coleman with the Angleton Police Department said, "She said she had too many kids."

Police say it all started last year at the apartment Walker shared with her mother and stepfather Authorities say the mother of three confessed to throwing the baby, who had been born premature, down on the floor because he was too noisy.

"She would just throw him down in that car seat and then at times she would bang his head against the wall," Sgt. Coleman said.

The infant suffered trauma to his head but Freeport police say after an autopsy ruled the death "undetermined" a detective closed the case. Walker moved to a house in Angleton, where Angleton police say she killed her six-month-old baby boy who was hooked up to a breathing monitor.

Sgt. Coleman said, "She said she would start banging his head up against some furniture and the walls because he would be crying and it would frustrate her."

"Not true," said Walker's stepfather, William Bryant. "Not true at all."

"She wouldn't hurt those boys in any way," Shelton said. "She loved those boys more than anything."

But Angleton police says the evidence and Walker's confession points to murder.

Police say Walker is now four weeks pregnant and is in the Brazoria County Jail. She is being monitored for the protection of the unborn baby. She has been indicted on two counts of injury to a child and one count of murder.

Child Protective Services has taken custody of her three-year-old son.

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