Alleged 'black magic' sex assault suspect faces judge

Mario Munoz-Verudes, a self-proclaimed healer who police say lured a teenager into his home then sexually assault her, faced a judge today.

October 8, 2012 10:17:16 AM PDT
A 60-year-old Tomball man was in court this morning on a charge of sexual assault of a teenage girl.

Mario Munoz-Verudes was arrested on Saturday. Police say he lured a teenaged neighbor into a house back on September 23. The alleged victim is just 17 years old.

They say he told the girl he knew "spells" that could rid her of bad spirits, but police say instead of helping the girl Munoz-Verudes raped her.

The victim's father said this weekend he knew Munoz-Verudes was hiding in the woods near the home where the assault allegedly took place. He waited for the suspect in an abandoned house, then confronted him. Soon after the father called police.