Arrest made in alleged 'black magic' sexual assault


Mario Munoz-Verudes is accused of assaulting a 17-year-old after claiming he could help her with black magic. According to the father of that teen girl, the man wanted for rape had been hiding from police not far from where the alleged rape took place back on September 25.

The father, who we're not identifying, says he knew Munoz-Verudes was hiding out in the woods behind the home and waited for him in an abandon house overnight. His son helped explain to us what happened.

"All of the fathers and mothers that have children, if they were to be violated, they would all feel the same," said the son. "Angry, mad and we wouldn't rest until we found the man."

According to police, the sexual assault happened at a home where Munoz-Verudes was renting a room from the owner. According to the girl's father, after finally finding Munoz-Verudes, they got into a physical altercation.

"He took out a knife and tried to stab my dad and that made him angry and what my dad did, he attacked him," said the son.

The girl's father tells us he was able to call police after the fight. Police arrested Munoz-Verudes early Saturday morning.

Police say Munoz-Verudes claimed he knew black magic and told the girl he would get rid of her bad spirits. This was allegedly his way to lure the girl into his home.

"Proclaimed himself to be a religious man, attended church regularly, supposedly, and was able to do some witchcraft or some spells," said Detective Ron McGullion with the Tomball Police Department.

Munoz-Verudes is facing a charge of rape. At this point, it's unclear when his next court appearance will be.

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