Body found at trash dump site in SW Houston


The body was found Friday morning at the Ruffino Hills transfer station.

There are still many unanswered questions surrounding the situation, and according to the waste company, they have reason to believe the body was dumped in a Dumpster somewhere around downtown.

Hundreds of Dumpsters sit out all around downtown Houston, but investigators now have to figure out from which one of them the body of man came.

"He was in some sort of Dumpster. How he got in that Dumpster is something that we are trying to find out right now," Houston Police Department Sgt. William Bush said.

According to detectives, around 6am Friday a deceased man was found by workers sorting through trash at the waste transfer center.

"While sorting the trash, he actually picked the body up, realized what he had and set the body down," Bush said.

WCA Corporation Vice President Mike Roy says that transfer center opened at 3am and by the time the body was discovered, 11 trucks had dumped their trash.

All 11 of those trucks were asked to return to the transfer center so investigators could start backtracking their routes.

According to the waste company, they have narrowed it down to three trucks that arrived to the transfer station Friday morning. They believe one of those three trucks was carrying the body.

Police tell us when the man was found there were signs of trauma. But detectives added whether that trauma was a result of injuries he suffered at the time of his death or from being dumped remains unknown.

"The conditions that we found him under, there is a lot of trauma to the body but it's going to be up to the doctors, those professionals, to tell us exactly what happened to him," Bush said.

Police say the man is described as a Hispanic male in his 50's or 60's. He did have some identifying information on him but they will have to wait on the medical examiner to positively identify him.

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