Companies begin hiring process for holiday season


Just about everyone in retail is adding to its staff, but that is not the only place to find a seasonal job.

Gregory Carney has a job, but is searching for something better.

"Right now I have one, but it is part time and so I am sending applications out to see where I can go from there," Carney said.

Soon, Carney's job search at a Workforce Solutions office will start turning up seasonal jobs. Thousands of jobs are coming to Houston as retailers get ready for Christmas.

Carney is willing to give it a shot after months of searching for something with more hours.

"It's been eight months, and I am here almost three times a month and just pushing, pushing, pushing," Carney said.

The largest number of openings are in retail. This year, Macy's alone is hiring 80,000 seasonal workers. Walmart, Target and Toys R Us are also adding thousands of positions.

Across the country more than 700,000 jobs are opening up for the holidays.

"They are definitely hiring in massive numbers," said Roberta Collins with Workforce Solutions.

Collins says companies are holding job fairs in Workforce Solutions offices around our area right now. She adds if retail is not your thing don't forget the shipping industry which adds drivers every year at this time.

"UPS is hiring seasonal drivers, and so is FedEx, it will be so busy during the holiday season so definitely they are hiring in high volume," Collins said.

Seasonal work can become something more. It happened to Rosalind Frank.

"I liked it and they later hired me on full-time," Frank said.

People ask what kind of pay these jobs offer and it varies but we are told $10 to $15 an hour is about average, depending on the type of job and your experience. Hiring at most companies has already started.

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