Business owner opens fire on suspected burglars in N. Harris Co.


The confrontation happened at the A-Plaza Auto Parts salvage yard on Hill Street near Scoregga. Police say tires, wheels and catalytic converters are just some of the few items two burglary suspects were apparently looking for at the business.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office tells us the business manager called the business owner to let him know that somebody was breaking in. When the owner arrived, he ended up firing several shots towards the two suspects.

The owner didn't want to talk to us at length on camera, saying he was frightened about what might happen because other burglars have been on the property before.

Investigators say at least one possible suspect showed up injured at a local hospital. They don't know the whereabouts of the second suspect.

An investigation is ongoing. We're told there were other burglaries within the last few days on the same property.

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