Action 13 gets results for homeowner


The family says they paid a contractor months ago and still do not have the windows to show for it. The homeowner paid for work back in May, but they still do not have the windows and to make matters worse, weeks had gone by without any contact with the contractor, until we got involved.

Dana Hakimi has been waiting since May to have her windows replaced. She says she even paid a contractor nearly $3,000 for the work. That was back in May when Hakimi says she first contacted BarrierPlus after seeing a discount deal.

She said, "I believe it was pay $300 toward a thousand dollars' worth of windows."

Hakimi tells us at first BarrierPlus did do some work, putting in new insulation in the attic, but then she says the communication with the company all but stopped.

"I can't get in touch with anybody," she said. "Nobody is returning my emails."

Hakimi says a month went by without hearing from BarrierPlus, so she called us. We called the company Monday and on Tuesday morning Hakimi's phone rang.

Hakimi said, "It wasn't until I contacted you and obviously you contacted BarrierPlus that initiated a phone conversation."

Hakimi says her contractor apologized and has set a date of October 25 for the window installation. BarrierPlus is a member of the Better Business Bureau in Dallas.

Monica Russo with the Houston BBB explained, "There is a standard resolution process that the company is bound to go through."

Russo says her colleagues in Dallas have started an investigation into BarrierPlus

"The company obviously has to address this complaint," she said.

Hakimi says she will be happy when the window replacement job is finished.

"Really all I want, Jeff, i just want my windows," she said. "That's what i want out of this whole thing."

We reached out to the contractor, but he has not returned our calls. Hakimi says the contractor said he was busy in the Dallas area and also experienced a death in the family and promised to get the work done here before the end of the month.

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