Third suspect arrested in recent on-campus robbery of University of Houston student


UH police say LeDarian Dwayne Bimage, 21, was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery for his role in the September 19th on-campus robbery of a student. He was arrested Tuesday morning at his west Houston apartment.

"His role was to be the person driving the vehicle. When the robber got out and committed the actual robbery, he hopped into the vehicle and LeDarian was driving the getaway car," UH Police Chief Ceasar Moore said.

Last Thursday, Ricardo Jamel Tangarife, the alleged gunman, and Anthony Theus, the store clerk accused of knowingly accepting a stolen credit card, were arrested. Tangarife, 22, is charged with aggravated robbery. Theus, 21, is charged with credit card abuse.

According to police, Tangarife robbed a UH student at gunpoint in broad daylight on September 19 and got into a vehicle driven by Bimage.

Police say less than an hour later, Tangarife and Sue "Roxy" Ortiz were seen on surveillance video at Memorial City Mall using a credit card stolen from the student during the robbery. Theus was also in on the credit card scam, police say.

Ortiz, 19, is still on the run, wanted for credit/debit card abuse.

Two other suspects were arrested on unrelated warrants during the course of Bimage's arrest, UH police say.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and it has not been determined if the Sept. 19 robbery is connected to two other recent robberies that occurred on or near campus, it has students changing the way some students go about their day.

"I don't stay this late everyday but I make sure I'm walking with someone if it's at night," UH sophomore Mareena Sanchez said.

It's good advice on a campus where thousands easily come and go.

"Do you feel any better? " we asked junior Alex Jack.

"That they're arrested? Yeah, but it's Houston. It's a big city," she replied.

The announcement follows the appointment nearly two weeks ago of an investigative task force focused on solving the crimes and the hiring of five new campus police supervisors, five new patrol officers and a full-time crime prevention officer.

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