Five teens arrested and charged in robbery of Pearland retail store


It happened September 16 at a retail shop in the Pearland Town Center, located at 11200 W. Broadway.

We're talking about teenage girls who police say were organized and willing to do whatever it takes to get away, including attacking a store clerk. But police were hot on their trail and they had dash cam video rolling as they caught up with all of the suspects.

It wasn't quite the ending a group of accused teenaged girl robbers were expecting. A dash cam video shows Pearland police surrounding their car as their getaway driver is arrested and all four teen girls are captured and hauled off to jail.

Police say it all started a few minutes earlier inside a Pearland Town Center shoe and clothing store when 18-year old Ashley Jackson, 17-year old Chrishonta Reshard and 19-year-old Angel Martin came in with plans to shoplift.

"Chrishonta Reshard began selecting items just at random, just grabs T-shirts and starts stacking them in her arms," Pearland Police Department Lt. Onesimo Lopez said.

But police say a suspicious store employee jumped into action, blocking the door when she noticed two of the three girls trying to run out of the store with bags of clothes.

"One girl charged at her like a linebacker, hits the clerk at the door -- hits her hard enough to run into the door, push her out on the sidewalk and fall over a sign outside," Lt. Lopez said.

Police say getaway driver 18-year old Deonte Durham and passenger 17-year-old Alexia Davison were waiting outside as the three teen girls jumped in the car. But just as the group sped away, Pearland police blocked them in and arrested all five teen suspects.

"It was unusual in that they were so young and so organized," said Lt. Lopez.

"I'm glad, I'm glad that they caught them because so many of them get away," shopper Carolyn Jolivette said.

The store clerk suffered minor injuries during the robbery. All five teens are in jail on a charge of robbery, a second degree felony.

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