Second woman accusing ex-HPD officer of rape takes stand in his trial


Ex-HPD officer Abraham Joseph is on trial for raping a woman. On Monday, the judge is hearing from another woman who also claims he assaulted her while on duty.

Joseph sat emotionless as attorneys argued over whether the judge should allow the testimony of other women who also accused him of sexual assault. Our legal analyst Joel Androphy says their testimony will be crucial.

"It has to be very similar to this case. You'd have to be in a uniform with a badge, police car, very similar circumstances for it to be admissible," Androphy said.

Judge Denise Collins listened intently as prosecutors presented two other women. The first, a woman who worked at the Diamonte night club, the same club where Joseph's accuser also worked. She testified that the former police officer sexually assaulted her twice, and each time he threatened to take her to jail if she didn't cooperate.

The second woman grew emotional on the stand, visibly sobbing as she accused the officer of assaulting her while in uniform in 2010.

"It's the pattern of the conduct on the part of the officer that the judge looks at, not the victim, and if the officer was dressed in uniform at the same time," Androphy said.

After listening to the two women, Judge Collins decided to allow at least one to tell her story in front of the jury. The woman began her testimony Monday afternoon, detailing how Officer Joseph told her she had open warrants, and how she was in fear of being arrested.

Androphy says this testimony could be a big boost for prosecutors.

"Because it shows a consistent pattern on the part of this officer to use and abuse his authority as a police officer to take advantage of other women," said Androphy.

The defense team wanted to keep this testimony out of the trial.

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