HPD: Waitress shot by ex-boyfriend at restaurant


It happened around 10pm at the La Pupusa Loca, a Salvadoran restaurant off Hillcroft and Edgemoor.

Officers say around closing time, the ex-boyfriend of one of the waitresses showed up at the business and allegedly held several employees hostage. Police say after a few hours, the armed man let a second female employee go. Eventually, she and her husband called 911.

In the meantime, according to police, the suspect shot his ex-girlfriend once in the chest area and then shot himself in the leg.

The woman was transported to Ben Taub Hospital where she is undergoing surgery. She is expected to survive her injuries.

The ex-boyfriend was also transported to the hospital where he was treated and released to authorities. He now sits in jail, facing charges.

We are gathering more information and will update you on Eyewitness News and abc13.com as additional details become available.

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