Police search for clues in case of missing mom


Police investigators spent part of the day on Thursday inside Michelle Warner's southwest Houston apartment, searching for clues into the disappearance of the 31-year-old mother of two.

As the minutes and hours tick by, Michelle's friends and family grow more anxious.

"We miss her," said Scott Russell. "I'm worried sick."

Russell is one of the last people to see Michelle alive. Friday night the two had dinner, then he returned her home, where he left her with her three-year-old son and the child's father.

"I stayed for about a half hour, then left," Russell said. "Everything was fine. She was her regular old normal self."

No one has heard from Michelle since Saturday. Her phone goes to voicemail. She didn't show up to her new paralegal job this week.

"I placed her at her current position two weeks ago and was notified Monday she had not shown up for work," said job recruiter Becky Barclay.

Michelle's relatives say she and her child's father got into a heated argument Saturday. He told the family that Michelle got her purse and phone and just walked away, leaving behind three-year-old Cayden. But her friends say that doesn't sound like her at all.

"If she had a way to be home, she would," said friend Stefanie Helton. "There's no way she'd leave her son."

The child's father, who also lives at the apartment, told police he's in Odessa with their son. Police say he is cooperating and has been questioned extensively.

In the meantime, Michelle's friends are distributing fliers, hoping anyone with info on her whereabouts comes forward.

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