City officials weigh in on officer-involved shooting of wheelchair-bound double amputee


At the group home where the deadly shooting occurred is a note saying people inside would no longer talk about what happened over the weekend. But community activists are just beginning their crusade.

"I'm sick and tired of the same old thing from our police departments here in Houston. We want some action, we want the truth, we want the secrecy stopped. We want to see everything being done in this case, future cases, and past cases," said Arlene Kelly with Civilians Down.

Civilians Down is a local organization that focuses on police-related shootings. She and others with the Greater Houston Coalition for Justice called for an outside investigation into the shooting that killed wheelchair-bound double amputee Brian Claunch.

"Things do get dangerous, things do get stressful, but you have to stop and think, you have to use good judgement," said Sylvia Gonzalez with LULAC.

But at City Hall on Wednesday, elected officials asked for restraint. Mayor Annise Parker says for now she doesn't know exactly why a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) officer wasn't on scene.

"I don't know why a CIT officer was not dispatched," said the mayor.

Council members pointed out the FBI is already monitoring the investigation, and they urged patience.

"Until an investigation is complete, we simply don't know what happened, and I would encourage us to, for the benefit of the victim's family, for the benefit of officers in our city, let investigations run their course," said Council Member C.O. Bradford.

The mayor said she has a meeting with Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland at the end of the week to further discuss the shooting.

Since the first of this year, there have been 22 officer-involved shootings in Houston. That's compared to 15 in all of last year. Of those 22 officer-involved shootings this year, ten suspects or citizens were killed, 13 were injured, and three officers were wounded.

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