Montgomery County man accused of making and distributing child pornography


Parents who live on Wren Road in the New Caney area say their neighbor's arrest and the disturbing child porn allegations have them on edge and keeping a closer eye on their kids.

There's a big reason some of John Paul Ebarb's neighbors in New Caney don't want to see him back on the streets.

"It makes me worry," neighbor Brittany Kincaid said.

Neighbors on Wren Road learned Montgomery County investigators arrested 41-year-old Ebarb this week. Investigators say the man's been manufacturing child pornography right here in the county.

"It's believed at this time that the distribution of the pornography could have gone out of state. Of course, our investigators are currently following up on that to make sure it did or did not," said Lt. Dan Norris with the Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Office.

Investigators say at least one local child is a victim. That's disturbing to Kincaid, who has two little girls and lives just a few doors away from Ebarb.

"I've seen him around the store, he kind of walks around like by himself mostly," she said.

Right now investigators say they don't know whether there are any other young victims.

For now, parents like Kincaid say she'll be taking extra steps to keep her kids out of harm's way.

"I'm not going to let her come outside to play if there's guys around. You never know if they are taking pictures of her or something," she said.

Right now, Ebarb is in Montgomery County Jail without bond.

Detectives are asking anyone with information about this guy to call Montgomery County Crime Stoppers or Detective Clay Swilling at 281-577-8943.

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