Man: Bats infesting condo in SW Houston


The problem is happening on Turtlewood near Bellaire Boulevard. The man says he was woken up by strange sounds in his bedroom. When he opened his eyes, he saw bats flying all over his room.

"They are zigzagging back and forth, so I'm swinging, ya know here. Here and I'm ducking at the same time. I'm doing one of these numbers and I'm swinging," Robert Stevenson said.

That's the only thing Stevenson could think to do as bats woke him up at 2am, swarming in his bedroom. He had no choice but to kill four that night. One is still in the trash.

Stevenson says the bats have been a nuisance, but always stayed outside.

"While I'm sleeping, I can hear them hitting up against that window right there," he said.

He complained to management about his battle with bats and went to work that morning. When he returned from work, he saw more invading his condo from holes in the fireplace.

"I'm sitting on the couch watching TV, and over in the corner over there two pop up out of there just like that," Stevenson said.

And they found forced their way in using multiple spots.

"And then as I'm trying to kill the two another comes out of here and I'm swinging with all that I have to try to kill three bats," Stevenson said.

Neighbors, well aware of the bat problem, are a bit disturbed they are now invading the units.

"Yea at nighttime a lot of noises all over the roof and down to my window," neighbor Abdul Yaquvi said.

We contacted the Terrance Condominiums HOA. The presidents tells Eyewitness News:

"The bats have been a nuisance since the property was built in 1980... They constantly spray for mosquitoes, which is their food source ... And always respond to complaints quickly."

The following morning, crews plugged any potential openings for the bats with yellow foam.

However, Stevenson is not sure he feels comfortable sleeping with one eye open.

"Anything but this. It's just frustrating," he said.

Stevenson already spent last night at a hotel. His landlord is working to seal the openings on the fireplace, while he decides whether to stay.

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