HPD: Parents in club while kids asleep in vehicle


The children in this case are five and three years old. When they were found early Wednesday morning they were hungry, but otherwise OK.

The parents are identified by police as Misty Robinson, 34, and stepdad, Alvin Degar, 30. Both are jailed with charges of child endangerment pending.

Nox Bar is in a neighborhood, tucked between Washington Avenue and I-10, on Nett near Parker. There' a small string of clubs where late Tuesda night, off-duty police working security discovered a five-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl sleeping the in the back of their parents' car, while the adults were in the club.

Police were alerted to the situation when they were tending to an argument amongst a group of people in the parking lot. Those people were eventually allowed in the club, but during that time, officers discovered one man in the group in possession of a gun, and another gun and a ski mask in the back seat of a car.

That warranted more investigation, and that's when police found the kids, asleep in a back seat with the windows rolled up and sunroof open, but no parents in sight. No weapons were discovered in the vehicle where the kids were.

"We located a 3-year-old and 5-year-old and they were sleeping the entire time," said Sgt. MT Ferguson with the Houston Police Department. "Both parents are in custody."

Those hanging around at the club were not shy in expressing their opinion.

"Anything could have happened. Somebody could have come up… Something could have happened to those kids," said club-goer Allen Bethea. "Anything could have happened. They could have gotten out the car on their own. You know what I'm saying? Anything could have happened. That doesn't make sense. That's just sad."

The police bought the children breakfast once they woke, and Child Protective Services is handling their case. They will first try to contact family members, as their parents are in custody.

We spoke briefly to a man who identified himself as Misty Robinson's uncle, saying he wasn't sure why she wouldn't have reached out to family for child care.

In addition, Calvin Masters, 30, was arrested for felon in possession of a weapon. This is all still under investigation, with police questioning at least nine people to get a better picture of exactly what was happening at this club.

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