Body found during search for missing woman


Two volunteers with Texas Equusearch found the body of a woman underneath the trailer where Rosemarie lived with her husband and her daughter. The 52-year-old went missing around 6:30pm Friday.

A family friend told Eyewitness News she had gone to a shed in the yard, and her husband had gone around to the other side of the house. By the time he reached the shed, Rosemarie was gone.

Texas Equusearch has been looking for her for the past two days, mainly in the densely wooded area behind the trailer park. On Tuesday afternoon they began retracing their steps, focusing on the back side of the trailer.

"One of the things that we noticed is that if you look at the skirting on the trailer, how straight it is and everything," said Tim Miller with Equusearch. "That one corner, you could tell the skirting wasn't like the rest of the skirting. That was another indication that for one reason or another, the skirting didn't look the same."

The searchers who found the body said it appeared it had been there for a few days. Investigators did not find any signs of foul play and suspect it might be a case of suicide.

Earlier, the Harris County Sheriff's Office told us Rosemarie had been suffering from depression.

Authorities have taken a DNA swab from Rosemarie's husband.

The identity of the body has not yet been confirmed.

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