Family recovering after terrifying home invasion in Sugar Land


Zubeda Ali, who was repeatedly pistol whipped in the head, is back home now after getting staples and stitches in the hospital. On Monday night, she and her family endured a harrowing ordeal here.

It was 9:45pm when the doorbell rang here on Baldwin Crossing. Outside was a person holding what appeared to be a box of pizza.

"My mom thought it was my cousin coming to sleep over, who comes all the time," said Ali's daughter.

She didn't want us to show her face, but she agreed to talk with us in the hopes of catching the men who burst into her mother's home when her mom cracked the door open.

"It's really important. It's really ridiculous. This is supposed to be a really nice neighborhood," she said.

The mother was home with her husband and another adult daughter. Family says the mother fought with the men as they tried to push their way in that front door, even biting their hands, but they were too strong.

Police say four men, all wearing masks of some kind, then demanded cash.

"They wanted to know where the money was located; they knew it was there," said Sugar Land police spokesperson Doug Adolph. "The homeowners wouldn't tell them where the money was, so they pistol whipped the 53-year-old female."

The woman's daughter says her family was tied up with duct tape and blindfolded. She says her sister ran into a bedroom to try and call 911 on a cell phone, but couldn't get through. Police say the thieves rummaged through the home for 30 minutes. Family says it was closer to 40. They loaded up the family's sedan with cash, TVs and jewelry and took off.

Some neighbors say they moved out of Houston to get away from this type of crime and they're having trouble realizing that it is here too.

"Honestly, I'm numb. It hasn't registered yet," said neighbor Indu Khera.

Family says the mother pretended to be unconscious until the men fled. She then was somehow able to untie herself, the rest of her family and call 9-1-1.

Police say the homeowner here operates two dry cleaning stores in Houston and may have been targeted because of the cash which small business owners usually handle. They remind small business owners to be cognizant of their surroundings. They also tell everyone never to open a door to your home if you don't know the person on the other side.

Police are still looking for the family's 2003 silver Toyota Camry which was stolen, with the license plate BZ9 Z060.

If you have seen the vehicle or have any information that can help police in this case, you are urged to call Crime Stoppers at 281-342-TIPS or Sugar Land police at 281-275-2500.

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