Cab driver carjacked by four suspects in southwest Houston


After police say they stole the car, they led officers on a chase in southwest Houston. But that's not all they're accused of doing.

Houston police say that all four suspects are teenagers. The guy driving that stolen minivan-cab eventually crashed it through a fence, through one backyard and partially into another backyard.

This all started when police say four teens carjacked a cab driver around 11pm Sunday. They boxed him in with another vehicle, and pointed a gun at him. The cab driver gave up his cab and ran off on foot.

About an hour later at around midnight, police spotted the stolen cab and chased the thieves through side streets. The chase lasted between 10 and 15 minutes. During that time, three of the four suspects jumped out of the cab. They were arrested.

Eventually, the chase ended about 2.5 miles away. But the teenager driving the stolen cab hopped fences and ran off.

Police called out a chopper and K-9 units, but weren't able to find him. Neighbor Joseph Bui woke up to a police helicopter hovering above his house.

"They come through the backyard fence of my home and the whole taxi (was) right there. And he broke the fence of my neighbor," said Bui.

Police say they know who the at-large suspect is and now just a matter of finding him.

All suspects face evading arrest charges and weapon charges. Police say they also found drugs and copper tubing in the cab, so the teens could face drug and theft charges on top of it all.

The robbery division is still investigating.

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