Mom: Driver forced girl off school bus miles from her stop


That girl's mother says she doesn't trust Conroe ISD to safely get her daughter to and from school any more. She says her daughter was left on the side of the road, in an unfamiliar location, miles from home.

Kaylee Trevino is 12 years old and in 7th grade. On Wednesday, her mother says Kaylee was on the school bus headed home from Peet Junior High when the bus driver forced her off the bus at the wrong stop.

Kaylee's mother Tara Trevino said, "I was petrified. She's 12 years old and you never know what's going to happen."

Tara says Kaylee tried to convince the driver she was dropping her at the wrong location and claims the driver wouldn't listen. Kaylee called her mom but Tara says the driver wouldn't get on the phone.

"I said tell her if she makes you get off the bus I'm calling the police," Tara said. "She told her and the bus driver said she didn't care and made her get off the bus."

Tara says the bus driver left Kaylee on the side of a road. At this point the 12-year-old was panicked. Tearful and still on the phone with mom in an unfamiliar area, Tara says she had her daughter take a picture and send it to her so she could find her. Tara recognized the house and drove there to find Kaylee 15 minutes later. According to GPS she was nearly four miles away from her usual bus stop.

"What she did was abandon my child on the side of the road," Tara said.

The school district insists Kaylee was not forced off the bus. A spokesperson for Conroe ISD says the bus was driven by a substitute driver who was given a sheet of assigned drop off locations. We're told this driver was not aware of adjustments the regular driver made to drop this student off at a different location.

Lisa Meeks, Director of Communications for the school district, said, "Out of frustration, the student walked to the front of the bus and told the driver to open the door (and then got off.)"

Conroe ISD says it has video from inside the bus proving the girl got off the bus without being forced. The district has so far refused to show us that video.

Tara Trevino says regardless, that driver never should have left a 12-year-old girl alone on the side of an unfamiliar road.

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