Police warn of man robbing elderly homeowners


Authorities are looking for Terrance M. Perrilloux, 31, who's charged with theft. Investigators say Perrilloux is an energy worker who allegedly was going door to door selling energy reduction contracts, then stealing property from the homeowners.

At least two people have be ripped off, and investigators believe there may be even more victims.

On March 22, when a young man knocked on 86-year-old Chrilla White's door, she treated him the way she treats her own family.

"I don't want to be rude to anybody because you turn somebody away and that could be the angel that saves your life," White said.

Police say that man was Perrilloux. He told her he could save her money by switching her power company to Potentia Energy, but detectives say he was really there to rob her.

"He's a salesman. He sells himself and manipulates words and everything else to get inside the home," said HPD Theft Investigator Marcella Johnson.

White declined the offer to change power companies, but she did grant Perrilloux's request for a bottle of water. While she went to the kitchen, she says he went inside and stole a check book containing $100 in cash, her driver's license, her Social Security card and her ATM card which he used three times.

"It's just a puzzle to me how this nice, well-dressed kid would want to do that to me," said White.

Investigators say the most recent incident happened July 24 in the 8100 block of Redfern in southeast Houston, where Perrilloux allegedly stole from an 84-year-old woman's home. Police say when the woman answered the door, Perrilloux asked her about changing power companies, then asked her for some documents.

While the elderly woman's back was turned, police say Perrilloux stole a ring from her that he later pawned.

A warrant is out for Perrilloux's arrest. Police say he has told them he will turn himself in, but he has not done so.

At one time, Perrilloux was hired as an independent marketing agent for that power company, but he was terminated. Police say that may not have stopped him from going door to door and it's believed Perrilloux's still actively soliciting in neighborhood across the Houston area, targeting the elderly.

"They're elderly so they do not know this is going on. In some cases, months later they remember I sat it there and it's gone. And there may be victims out there that don't even know things are missing from their residence," said HPD's Johnson.

Investigators believe there could be other victims. And to anyone who sees a stranger at the door, Chrilla White has this advice...

"I just tell everyone beware, and most of all be prayerful because the Bible says the devil comes in all kinds of ways," she said.

Anyone with information in these incidents or on the whereabouts of Terrance Perrilloux is urged to contact the North Division HPD Burglary and Theft Unit at 281-405-6550 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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